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Wholesaler Dolken Wood Indonesia

We are the trusted wholesaler dolken wood from Indonesia, we’ve been exporting dolken wood to Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Singapore.

We’ve been running the business since 2014 and a lot of local company in Indonesia become our regular partner to supply dolken wood for their projects.

You can use Dolken wood for construction, building foundations or substitutes for rusty metal poles.

Peeled off with SandPaper Dolken Sumatera – Jualkayudolkengelam.com Indonesia

Dolken Wood Size chart:

From 4 to 6 cm x 380 cm
From 6 to 8 cm x 380 cm
From 8 to 10 cm x 380 cm
From 10 to 12 cm x 380 cm
From 12 to 14 cm x 380 cm

If you need importing dolken wood from Indonesia to your country, please contact us at +62 818 60 8883 (Fitri) for english speaking manager.

Workshop Address:
Bandar kayu dolken gelam, Jl. Raya Banten KM 7, Kasunyatan, Kasemen Kota Serang, Banten 42191 Indonesia.

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Bandar Kayu Dolken Gelam, kami jual Kayu Dolken Gelam berkualitas, telpon 0813-1140-0177 atau 0878-0567-2256, gratis ongkos kirim*), sampai ditempat baru bayar.

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